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Team Director David Hamilton
Team Director
David Hamilton

I am the Team Director for the United States of America Deaf Basketball International Men's and Women's programs. I oversee all facets of the international basketball programs including: Men's & Women's trials, training camps and logistics, exhibition games, International competition venues, transportation, lodging, ordering and distribution of apparel. The USA Deaf Basketball Men's and Women's teams are set to go to Sofia, Bulgaria in pursuit of the Gold medal at the 22nd Deaflympics where deaf athletes will come from 80+ different countries to compete in many different events. Players on both men's and women's teams are from all over the United States. It will cost each player $4,500 to represent our country at the Deaflympics. Each person must raise their own funds. The $4,500 each athlete must raise will cover their transportation, accommodations, training, meals, uniforms, and other necessary expenses. Sadly, the U.S. Olympic Committee does not provide funding of any kind for our USA athletes participating in Deaflympics despite the International Olympic Committee's official recognition of the Deaflympics as equal to but separate from the Paralympics. This is why we must raise our own funds in order to participate in our beloved sport at our beloved Deaflympics. For most of us it is the pinnacle of our basketball careers.

Men Team 2009 - Taipei, Taiwan
2009 - Taipei, Taiwan

The men's team remains undefeated in GOLD since they first participated in 1957 and in the last 14 Deaflympics. In the 2009 Deaflympics, USA Men won the gold medal, defeating a tough Lithuanian team. They are facing formidable opponents in Slovenia, the 2012 Euro Basketball Champions and Lithuania, 2011 World Deaf Basketball Champions. The USA Women's team won a silver medal for the first time ever in a hotly contested loss to Sweden in the 2009 Deaflympics in Taipei. The USA Women's team has won the Gold medal since 1957 and they are facing their rival Sweden again. The Deaflympics will take place July 26-August 4, 2013 in Bulgaria. The teams carry the pride, love and support of the deaf community and the larger basketball community as they set out to represent USA. The teams consist of returning veterans and new players. We want to help our athletes raise the money they desperately need. Without your help and donations, it is very difficult for the best deaf players to represent the USA.

Training camp will take place at Maryland School for the Deaf one week prior to flying to Sofia. It is not easy to stay in shape on your own, without team practices the year prior to the Deaflympics. Our players have shown pure heart, enormous talent, strong character, great willpower and deep dedication. Our players have shown an uncanny ability to persevere with their skills against great odds in this beloved American game. Your donation will most definitely help them continue their quest to represent the USA.

Women Team 2001 - Rome, Italy
2001 - Rome, Italy

The United States representation at the Deaflympic games would not have been possible without your help and you are much a part of the long history of winning as any of us. Your contribution will not go to waste and it will be a true testament for us to bring home the gold again. The players play each game with heart for their families, communities, schools, and all of you. We hope to assist all of our basketball players who have come up short during this tough economical time in their individual fundraising quests. We NEED your help and support. Every dollar will help - we thank you for all of your support. Please pass on the word of our cause to anyone with big hearts, everyone you know, and anyone who loves basketball. You are truly the backbone of our American teams and we will not let you down.


Mission Statement

USA Deaf Basketball is a non profit organization and the national governing body serving deaf and Hard of Hearing for men's and women's basketball in the United States. As a recognized governing body for basketball in the United States by the USA Deaf Sports Federation (USADSF) and the Deaf International Basketball Federation (DIBF), USA basketball is responsible for the selection, training and fielding of USA teams that compete in DIBF sponsored international competitions, as well as for some national competitions.

2015 National Team Roster - Posted 21 February 2015

2015 Women National Team Roster
First Name Last Name   City State
Juliana Apfel Tucson Arizona
Tori Faieta New York
Zamica Gage Washington D.C.
Nukeitra Hayes Anderson Indiana
Paige Machacki Michigan
Crystal Marion Rochester New York
Shaquanna McDonough Pembroke Massachussetts
Raven Pentz New York
Chrissty Smith Arknasas
Lindsay Stergio Montville Conneticuit
Darrian Thomas Fremont California
Claire Tucker Frederick Maryland
Danielle Warren San Jose California
Sara Wnek Riverside California
Sabrina Sysh Tucson Arizona
2015 Men National Team Roster
First Name Last Name   City State
Luke  Adams Big Springs Texas
Conrad Baer Fremont California
Steve Biskupiak Riverside California
Todd Bonheyo Frederick Maryland
Ben Coleman St. Paris Ohio
Andy Cruz New York
Edlin Dorn Boston Massachussets
Ali Elmarsi San Luis Obispo California
Daniel Fava Frederick Maryland
Rashad Gatlin Chicago Illinois
Trey Gordon Talladega Alabama
Anton Jackson Austin Texas
Frank Jackson Detroit  Michigan
Johnny Jackson Tuscaloosa Alabama
Michael Lizzagara Fremont California
Macam Macam Lyons Massachussets
Josh McGriff Somerset New Jersey
Raymond Nelson Riverside California
Orion Palmer Tucson Arizona
Roger  Printup Orange California
Layton Seeber Champaign Illinois
Jeremias Valencia Riverside California

USA National Team Showcase flyer

USA Deaf Basketball - International News:
USADB-International is proud to announce the new selection of head  coaches for Men and Women Basketball teams for 2015 World Deaf  Basketball Championship that will be held in Taipei, Taiwan from  July 4 - 12, 2015. The men head coach is James Destefano of Olney, Maryland and the women head coach is Laura Edwards of Tucson, Arizona. They both recently coached U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship in Turkey last summer and won the championship. Please  join me to congratulate both of them.

USADB- International is conducting a training camp/tryout to be held at Gallaudet University on October 9 - 12. The invited players will have the opportunity to compete for 12 man/woman roster spot for 2015 World Deaf Basketball Championship. Also, we will be featuring  USA Deaf Basketball Showcase Game (BLUE VS WHITE) on Saturday, October 11th. The Women game will begin at 4pm and Men game will begin at 6pm.

For more information about our USADB International, check our website and USADB-International Facebook page.

For more information about World Deaf Basketball Championship, check their website:

If you have any question, please contact me at

International-Team Director

USA Deaf Basketball is hosting the tryout/training camp at Gallaudet University on October 9-12 (pending on the final approval of the location). The players that are invited to attend this event will be notified in email by men and women program coordinators soon. More information about this event will be announced soon. Also, you are encouraged to check our facebook page -- USADB International. If you have any question or concern, feel free to email me at

Coach Selection Criteria 2015 - form

2014 U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship

Men 2014 U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship
Men roster for left to right: Trey Gordon- 14, James Steingeiser #10, Tyler Crace #12, Rashad Gatlin #9, Conrad Baer #4, Todd Bonheyo #7, Josh McGriff#15, Jesse Steingeiser #11, Chris Mitchell #8

Women 2014 U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship
Women Roster from left to right: Jeff Liu - athletic trainer, Victoria Crockett- assistant coach, Raven Pentz #7, Sara Wnek #9, Sabina Shysh #5, Alex Muller #11, Elena Ciccarelli #13, Lawjen Ashmore #6, Brianna DiGiovanni #10, Danielle Warren #8, Laura Edwards- Head Coach, David Hamilton- Team director

USA Deaf Basketball Hosts National Tournament in Concord
USA Deaf Basketball kicked off it's annual national tournament yesterday in Concord yesterday.
Posted on April 11, 2014    Fox 46 Carolinas

2014 U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship in Samsun, Turkey

USADB- International is proud to announce the new selection of head coaches for Men and Women Basketball teams for this upcoming U-21 World Deaf Basketball Championship that will be held in Samsun, Turkey from July 4 - 12, 2014. Men's head coach is James Destefano of Frederick, Maryland and the women's head coach is Laura Edwards from Tucson, Arizona. Please join me to congratulate both of them.

Tech basketball player tells deaf elementary students to go after their dreams

By Natalie Gross:
Red Raiders point guard Luke Adams tells students of his struggles and successes as a deaf person.
Posted on October 22, 2013     Lubbock Avalanche-Journal


    Men and Women's Deaflympics Exhibition Games at Maryland School for the Deaf on July 20, 2013


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